The razor wire trailers are designed for the rapid deployment of effectively layered concertina coils. This is a serious obstacle for rebels or demonstrators and vehicles to gain entry.

Razor wire rapid deployment barrier system is available in 3 coil configurations (3 coils = gives 1.7m high protection for 100m distance). The operation of the razor wire deployment trailer is simple and convenient. Connected to the vehicle through the axis of traction and can be hitched on any type of vehicle.

The next step will be to open the tall gate or release the barrier holder frame and drive forward automatically releasing and stretching the concertina coil barrier.

Rapid Deployment Trailer


  • New advantage chassis design
  •  Internal stainless tubes
  •  Stainless steel support boom
  •  4 x landing legs
  •  Bash plate
  •  Auto magnetic deployment system
  •  2 x remote controls
  •  2 x deep cell batteries
  •  2 x spare wheels
  • Auto barrier collector advanced system with a
  •  Compacting winch
  •  2 x side toolboxes
  • 2 x 3500 kg axel tires
  • 3500 kg main coupler
  •  1 x heavy duty jockey wheel
  •  2 x police lights
  •  Drop out – the tailgate
  •  Bash Plate
  •  Battery charge control box
  •  Vertical lift doors
  •  Heavy-duty electrical system

Econo Trailer


  • Single axle design
  • Rigid tube chassis
  • Stainless steel support boom
  • Manual deployment
  • Running tubes
  • Manual collectors
  • Axle capacity 2.5 tons
  • Spare wheel
  • Reverse coupler
  •  Mudguards
  • Optional side curtains
  •  Lightweight
  • 4 x Recovery hooks


➢ Available in Sheet Height: 1200mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm
➢ Sheet Length: 6000mm
➢ Galvanized Steel Thickness: 0.30mm —0.50mm ± 0.10mm
➢ Galvanized Wire Diameter: 2.4mm — 2.5mm ± 0.10mm
➢ Standard Volume Aperture: 150mm — 300mm
➢ High Volume Aperture: 75mm — 150mm

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