Rapid Deployment Barrier

  • Defensive barriers
  • Perimeter defence
  • Security fence barriers
  • Rapid deployment systems

Rapid Deployment Barrier modules are strong fortification structures made out of welded mesh panels lined by geotextile fabric.

Sand / Debris / Stones are used as filler material to provide strength. They can be used to quickly erect a temporary barrier of upto 3m height or make a bunker.

Rapid Deployment Barrier Specs

Tensile Strength:
Min 550N/sq.mm

Mesh Size:
75 x 75mm

Wire Diameter:
4.0mm (+/- 0.08mm)

Galfan 90% Zn + 10% Al

  • Simple to Install
  • Rigid & Stable
  • Long Life

Surface baskets fulled with earth filled as defensive barriers designed to protect against ballistic and blast threats and protection. Are units can be used to build operating bases by military forces and landscapes around the world.

Safe havens bunkers said Sangers and God posts to protect workforce military personnel against ballistic and blast threats. Q Fort defence barriers are delivered in a flat pack format and surface mounted for logistical ease.

Our rapid deployment barrier system is flat packed in a container that is customised for your logistical efficiency. This effectively allows you to deploy hundreds of metres in a very short period of time.

  • Military units protect against artillery rounds 81mil mortar to plus 120mm plus mortar rounds. RPG thermobereic warhead
  • 80km per hour or 50 miles per hour 65000lb 29500kgs vehicle crash
  • high explosive shape charges
  • All military units on lined with woven UV resistant Geo textiles with a five-year field.
  • They can withstand with harsh environments each unit is available in beige.
  • The units are available in a large range of heights and widths to provide protection against multiple threats, not limited to but including artillery fire & crash barriers.

Shooting Range

Shooting range is a type of RDB stacked upon one another.

It is built to absorb the impact of splinter bullets that deviate from their path after impacting on the target.

Shooting range RDB is available in 2 height variants:

  • 5m
  • 7m

Rapid Deployment Barrier Specifications

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